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Onboard - Tourism Operator's Handbook for the Great Barrier Reef

Indigenous Groups

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Indigenous and Local Marine Community Contacts A map showing contact details for Land Councils and Local Marine Advisory Groups - 170.5 kb

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There are a number of Indigenous groups and communities along the Great Barrier Reef coast and many Indigenous people have strong connections with their 'sea country'. Indigenous groups are increasingly expressing an interest in participating in marine tourism and being involved in its management.

We strongly encourage you to engage with your local Indigenous communities and explore how you can make a difference. By engaging with the Indigenous communities in your area you may be able to incorporate local Indigenous culture into your product and contribute to those communities by involving Indigenous people in your operation. There might be opportunities to receive appropriate cultural advice, employ local indigenous people, develop joint business ventures and collaborate in conservation activities.

There are some 'First Steps' you can follow to help you communicate with Indigenous Traditional Owners. Before engaging with Indigenous people in your area, it is recommended that you contact the Native Title representative body for your area of operation and they will guide you further (see Download map at top right of page for the contact details related to your area of interest).

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