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Onboard - Tourism Operator's Handbook for the Great Barrier Reef

Who can help?


Many different organisations are working with tourism operators to help protect the Reef. All of the key agencies who help to look after the Great Barrier Reef can help you understand your responsibilities in the Marine Park and guide you towards a sustainable and successful operation.

You may also receive valuable assistance from one of a number of tourism associations along the coast. These associations can provide you with support in many aspects of your operation, especially when establishing your business. They can also represent your interests as a tourism operator.

The tourism industry is a key part of the local communities adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef. Most operators live in these communities and many staff are employed locally. You can provide valuable input into the management of the Marine Park through community groups such as Local Marine Advisory Committees (LMACs).

As a member of the tourism industry you can also engage more closely with local Indigenous groups and potentially improve your operation while contributing to these communities.

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