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Onboard - Tourism Operator's Handbook for the Great Barrier Reef

How is a Decision Made?

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Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Permit Application and Decision Information
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To be granted a Marine Parks permit to operate in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and Great Barrier Reef Coast Marine Park, your permit application must be fully assessed. The assessment process considers the likely impact of a proposal, based on assessment criteria set by regulation.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service operate a joint Marine Parks permit process that is administered by the GBRMPA. The assessment of most tourism permit applications is generally a straightforward process, providing the proposal is clear and all the information is provided.

Who assesses my application?

The majority of permit applications are assessed by the GBRMPA with input from QPWS.

A contact officer will be nominated to coordinate the assessment of your application and prepare an assessment report. The name and contact details of this person will be advised in your permit application acknowledgement letter. Please do not hesitate to contact them directly with any queries you may have regarding your application and the assessment process.

How long will it take to decide on my application?

Most applications take approximately ten weeks to assess and make a decision. However it is recommended that you lodge your applications at least three months prior to the date you need a permit. When lodging an application for complex proposals you should contact the GBRMPA regarding assessment times.

You can help speed up the assessment of your application by making sure that all the relevant information is provided when the form is submitted and by promptly providing to the GBRMPA any additional information that may be requested. If you do not provide any requested information within the specified time period, you risk the application lapsing.

The assessment process may take longer if your proposed operation is likely to affect the public's reasonable use of a part of the Marine Park, as public advertising may be required. Evidence of support from users who may be affected by your proposed operation will assist the application process.

Who makes the decision?

Decisions are made by senior officers (delegates) of the GBRMPA and the QPWS based on the recommendations of the assessment report. A decision is made to either grant the permit, grant the permit subject to conditions, or refuse the permit.

Decisions made in relation to Marine Parks permit applications can be viewed online at GBRMPA (see Related Links).

Can the decision be reviewed?

If you are unhappy with the decision made about your permit application, you are encouraged to contact GBRMPA in the first instance. There are formal review rights and procedures in relation to permit decisions. You have the right to appeal a permit decision as do other people affected by the decision.

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