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Onboard - Tourism Operator's Handbook for the Great Barrier Reef

Reporting Sightings

While you are in the Marine Park you may see many interesting and unusual things. While most of these are just a normal part of the unique world of the Great Barrier Reef, sometimes it is important to report the things you see to help with management of the Reef or to save marine life.

What sightings should I report?

We're interested in unusual animals or events such as marine mammals, sharks, turtles, whale sharks, bleaching or blooms. Anything that makes you say "wow!" is going to be worth reporting. We're also interested in marked or tagged animals, stranded marine mammals, or animals that are threatened or trapped.

How do I report a sighting?

You can report a sighting on the Sightings Network form, or contact the Tourism and Recreation Section by email at: sightings@gbrmpa.gov.au.

The Environmental Protection Agency have a special hotline for marine mammals and turtles. Please call 1300 130 372 to report sick, injured, stranded or dead marine mammals or turtles. 

How can I help further?

If you see an incident in the Marine Park, please also report it to management.

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