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Onboard - Tourism Operator's Handbook for the Great Barrier Reef

Management Arrangements

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GBRMPA activities
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The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is looked after by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) in co-operation with the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and other management agencies. Each agency has particular                                                                  roles and responsibilities.

The primary role of the GBRMPA is to provide for the protection of the Marine Park's natural and cultural values while allowing for wise use, understanding and enjoyment. The Great Barrier Reef is a multiple use marine park, so providing for a range of uses is key to this.

The management tool kit

There is a suite of management tools and arrangements that ensures sustainable tourism and other opportunities throughout the Marine Park, and maintains the diversity, integrity and productivity of the reef. Understanding zoning and strategies for anchoring and mooring will give operators a great basis on which to build other knowlege.

Since the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Act was introduced in 1975, there have been gradual changes and developments in management of the Marine Park.

Management in partnership

Working in partnership is a key component of tourism management in the Marine Park. The marine tourism industry, recreational users, the GBRMPA and other government agencies, all have a role to play in keeping the Barrier Reef 'GREAT'.

Many operators contribute to Marine Park management at particular tourism sites and become involved in onsite monitoring. They also play an important role in presenting the Marine Park and informing visitors about what makes it special.

You can report incidents and marine sightings or become involved in Marine Park management through one of our other partnership programs.

Community engagement

For each of the major issues facing the Marine Park, the GBRMPA has a Reef Advisory Committee, including a Tourism and Recreation Reef Advisory Committee. This committee advises the GBRMPA on key issues related to tourism and recreation in the Marine Park.

Community consultation is a vital part of effective management. Local communities along the coast are encouraged to contribute to management through Local Marine Advisory Committees and other programs. There are Local Marine Advisory Committees in each of the major centres from Cooktown to Bundaberg. Each has representation from a wide range of community groups, including the tourism sector.

High level strategic advice is provided to the Minister and the GBRMPA by the Great Barrier Reef Consultative Committee which has representatives of all major user groups and community sectors.

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